Friday, July 16, 2010

On Hold

I put my creative sweatshirt jacket on hold for this week for a couple of reasons.  I had to do some charity sewing for my neighborhood ASG group. The other reason--I sewed the front band & collar on the wrong side. Now I have to rip out 2 very long rows of stitching. 

We visited a local assisted living/nursing home for our monthly ASG Neighborhood meeting. We took "almost finished" walker bags to distribute to the residents. I say "almost finished" because we left off the buttons and buttonholes and allowed the ladies to choose their buttons. A couple of the members had their sewing machines along and we did buttonholes and buttons right there. 

I don't really like visiting nursing homes. I'm much better with children than elderly people, but I had a good time. We had about 20 women (and 1 man) participate. One lady told us about how she would see a dress in a store and draw a picture for her mother and her mother would make her that dress. Pretty impressive! Another lady taught home ec at a high school. Another lady used to make rugs from Prairie Points. We even had a couple of questions about sewing machines and sergers. 

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