Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chicago in Early September

The first week of September I spent 5 days with Jeni at her house. Kevin had rotator cuff (shoulder) surgery. Jeni asked me to come for a few days to help out with the kids while she nursed Kevin back to health. Well, as it turned out, my SIL is very independent and didn't "need" the tender loving care of his wife. But I still was able to play taxi-driver-grandma. I had a blast. My grandkids are the best!

While I was there I had free time during the day and did some sewing. I finished this apron which I hate and have in the Goodwill bag. The photo doesn't show the colors well. The colors have this dirty look to them. I loved the coffee cup pattern, but the colors left me feeling drab. Also the design was not to my liking. There isn't enough coverage on the bodice. I use my aprons when I'm cooking and food splatters on my tops frequently. I need an apron that covers my front side. The other reason I didn't care for the design is the skirt is really full. Like I need to add more fluff to my already fluffy mid-section. So I put the apron in the bag to go Goodwill. I'm sure someone somewhere will love it. 

While in Chicago I was able to start on my Friendship Triangle book cover. I have the squares cut and matched up. I even have the layout designed. Now I just need time to start the sewing. 

I've started on Christmas gifts. Jeni & I discussed items for the grandkids. I will be knitting H a hat & making PJ pants. The boys will both get pj pants as well. Riley & her AG doll will receive matching nightgowns. Good stuff. 

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