Monday, November 10, 2008

Dreaded Sales Meeting Sewing

I accomplished a lot on my jacket for the upcoming sales meeting. This is a good thing since I realized I will be out of town 3 days this week. I am sewing the lining sleeves to the lining body tonight, then will be ready to insert the lining in the jacket when I return home Friday.

Thank goodness for poker! The Love of my Life plays poker once a month and Saturday is the night. I'll be able to sew late into the wee hours of the morning waiting up for him.

Since I will have considerable travel time for my trip this week I was figuring out what I might knit from my yarn stash. Hmm. Not too much choice actually. Socks, socks or socks? (I only stash sock yarn which pleases The Love of my Life.) When I opened up my little sock knitting bag, I found the black lace socks I have been knitting on for like 2 years! I still have not finished them! They were the second pair of socks I decided to knit. I loved the lacy pattern and the ever so soft silk & wool yarn, but truth be told, the pattern was just a bit too difficult for the novice knitter I was then. So I became discouraged and put them aside. I have periodically worked on them and they are almost finished. In the meantime I have knit 2 or 3 other pairs of socks, a couple of sweaters, a couple of purses, a nightgown, and a cardigan. So I will take them along and try to finish them up before starting on the next pair of socks.

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Bonnie D. said...

Saw your comment on my blog but couldn't find your email to respond. Thanks for your sweet comments regarding my daughter!

About the Shelfari, mine just updates. I don't actually do anything to make it update. I wonder if there is a setting somewhere? I'm sorry I can't help more but perhaps you should try deleting the widget and re-installing it and see if it rights itself!