Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Just Can't Take Any More!

While talking to a friend the other day he commented about how uptight and anxious and I seemed. "Yes," I replied. "I am very concerned about the state of politics right now. It is just so hate-filled! As much as I love following politics, I think I've OD'd on it."

"Well," he said, "You can always quit watching the news and listening to talk radio. Why don't you spend that time sewing?"

Well, duh! Now that's a thought!

So I immediately quit watching TV, turned off the talk radio and promptly spent 12 hours Saturday doing techy, geeky stuff in my office (with the pleasant, reliable help of my techy and ever-so-smart DS). I spent Sunday with The Love of My Life. Monday was a 12-hour day at work, but I did spend 10 minutes doing some thinking-and-planning-about-sewing in my head.

I have a 1-1/2 day meeting in mid-November that I'm dreading. So, I reasoned to myself, why not look fabulous while wasting, I mean, spending, time at these dulls meetings? Seems very reasonable to me. Here's what I came up with.

I have some black slacks under construction from this pattern.

I found some plum herringbone wool for the jacket in my stash. Since purple is all the rage this fall/winter. I figure it will work great.

I tried taking pictures of the fabric, but haven't mastered the technique of photographing textiles yet.

For the second outfit, I choose this pattern and will use a wool double knit from my stash. It is a reversible knit (grey/charcoal) which I think I will be able to use effectively in the front skirt panel and also possibly the sleeves.

The meetings begin one afternoon, followed by dinner. The 2nd day starts in the morning, then a working lunch and wraps up late afternoon. The plan is to wear the knit top/skirt the first afternoon and out to dinner; the pant suit the second day.

This plan is going to require sewing way more than 10 minutes a day. But I'm very excited about these choices. By this evening I'll have a sewing plan on paper to accomplish my goal.

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