Friday, September 10, 2010

Cheap Thrills

This is my latest favorite sewing tool. I got it from Londa's-Sewing
Collin's Point Turner

I loved the time I recently spent sewing with Londa. I learned so much from her. And, I also got to see which tools she used, why she used them, and how to use them. This point turner is a result of that experience. I've used a lot of different tools to help create perfect points and corners including the tips of scissors and chopsticks. But this little plastic point turner is the absolute best. And, at $2.85 it's a cheap thrill! The point has just the right amount of point to gently push out the corner but not put a hole in the fabric. It's a great shape to hold in your hand. I can even leave it in place and press the corner or point in place. I love it!

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